Community Economic Development Services

developpement economique communautaire

The CDÉNÉ's Community Economic Development Services provides the Acadian and Francophone community with the tools necessary for economic diversification, innovation, growth and job creation. These services help to overcome the challenges associated with an Acadian economy traditionally based on fishing and tourism. The Community Economic Development Services aim to increase the capacity of communities to diversify, innovate and respond to changes in the economy and the needs of their members.

Community economic development services are offered in the five major Acadian and Francophone regions of Nova Scotia: Argyle, Clare, Chéticamp, Halifax and Isle Madame.

Priority Sectors
The Community Economic Development Services bring together economic resources and strategic partners in the following priority sectors: Francophone economy in Canada, Green Economy, Immigration, Tourism, Early Childhood and Youth integration in economic development. If you’re interested in any of these sectors, contact our team today.

Services Offered
The CDÉNÉ's Community Economic Development Services officers help to:

  • Create connections among various community stakeholders to facilitate access to funding for economic and job creation initiatives;
  • Facilitate meetings to identify solutions to the economic challenges faced by communities and entrepreneurs;
  • Assist in the implementation of training workshops to impart knowledge in governance, project management, among others;
  • Coordinate prioritized projects to ensure their success;
  • Promote entrepreneurship and the cooperative spirit among youth to reduce the exodus of young people and encourage their return to the region.

Acadian and Francophone Regions of Nova Scotia
The CDÉNÉ regularly publishes community profiles of the five largest Acadian and Francophone regions in Nova Scotia. These profiles give an overview of the economy, geographical location, immigration, education, natural resources, government services and various other sectors of activity in these regions. To learn more about Nova Scotia’s Acadian and Francophone regions, consult the community profiles.

The CDENÉ also publishes reports on community consultations such as community economic development plans and workforce needs reports, as well as various studies based on community needs. Check out our publications.