Economic Immigration Services

The economic immigration services facilitate the integration of Francophone immigrants into the labour market. This includes learning successful job search techniques and know-how to expand your professional network.

The team also offers customized support to employers in attracting, recruiting and retaining qualified French-speaking immigrants.

Services are offered free of charge to immigrants, potential immigrants and employers in Nova Scotia.

Francophone Immigrants

Our Francophone economic immigration project promotes the integration of French-speaking newcomers into the labour market through support services such as:

  • Employment counselling and orientation;
  • Information on the labour market;
  • Individual coaching to overcome the challenges in working in your field;
  • Networking opportunities with other professionals;
  • Employment readiness workshops on employment topics such as cultural competency in the workplace or job search strategies;
  • Connecting with employers;
  • Support in the process of recognizing foreign credentials for regulated professions.



We inform employers and HR team about the benefits of hiring French-speaking and bilingual immigrants to fill their human resource gaps and stimulate innovation within the company.

We assist employers in the process through the following services:

  • Raising awareness about the benefits of a diverse workforce;
  • Targeting and recruiting French-speaking and/or bilingual candidates, notably through national fair (‘SVE’ or virtual job fair) or within a pool of candidates outside of Canada (Destination Canada, Destination Acadie);
  • Counselling sessions on selection and hiring process of international talents;
  • Workshop on intercultural competencies in the workplace to help you identify and resolve retention barriers, enhance your leadership and coaching skills;
  • Connecting you to potential employees;
  • Broadcast of job offers for you.


Immigrant Entrepreneurs
If you are a Francophone immigrant in Nova Scotia and would like to start a business, consult our Services for Immigrant Entrepreneurs.