Success Stories

Here are a few examples of businesses, organizations and individuals who have benefitted from services provided by the CDÉNÉ. 

Business and Entrepreneurship
"Working with the CDÉNÉ has allowed us to open doors that would have otherwise been difficult to access. Their expertise in specialized business fields and their knowledge of funding sources and government agencies is rare and exceptional. There are no words to describe what the CDÉNÉ has done for JD Composites. We did not have the time or expertise to access this complex and difficult world. We would like to thank CDÉNÉ for all that they have done, and also all that they continue to do for us. Without them, our time would have been expensive and certainly wasted."

David Saulnier
President of JD Composites Inc.

Community Economic Development
"I would like to thank the staff of the CDÉNÉ for helping the Clare Bluegrass Association find government programs to help fund our festival. With government funding we are able to hire extra bands and promote a bigger festival, bringing more people from outside into our region. With their help, we were able to promote more musicians from our area. The Economic Development Officer spent hours helping our organization and is very dedicated and much appreciated by myself and the Association."

Russel LeBlanc
President of the Clare Bluegrass Association

Employment Assistance
"The services you have provided me through the year have given me all that I needed to reach my goal as a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA). You were always there for me when something came up and when I needed help. You were the calm in all my storms throughout the year. Honestly, without you, I wouldn't have been able to reach my goal. I think of you daily, as I am enjoying my job as a CCA. Thank you so much, you are a blessing. Un grand merci!"

Job seeker

Economic Immigration
"The CDÉNÉ is a partner of choice for Le Petit Voilier. Our team is diverse and we have benefited from several training sessions, notably on intercultural skills and inclusion. The CDÉNÉ also accompanies the partners of our international employees in their job search or to start their own business. The services are offered free of charge, the content is of high quality, and the team members are welcoming, professional and always ready to listen. We highly recommend their services to all francophone employers in Nova Scotia!"

Fanny Ratisseau
HR Development Officer, Le Petit Voilier

Immigrant Entrepreneurs
"I have been working with the CDÉNÉ Business Advisor for Immigrant Entrepreneurs for almost 2 years. I really appreciated the practical advice at the beginning. The Business Advisor guided me through the necessary steps to start my business and I was able to start quickly since I already had clients. Then I slowed down and went on maternity leave. The Business Advisor was flexible, yet available, and I was able to move at my own pace. In addition, he does his work with enthusiasm and is always in a good mood."

Nelleke Strik

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