The CDÉNÉ offers a whole range of services to businesses, not-for-profit organizations, job seekers, economic immigrants and communities in Nova Scotia to support their economic success. Take advantage of our personalized approach and the expertise of our team members to help carry out your projects and reach your goals.

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The economic immigration services facilitate the integration of Francophone immigrants into the labour market. This includes learning successful job search techniques and know-how to expand your professional network.

The team also offers customized support to employers in attracting, recruiting and retaining qualified French-speaking immigrants.

Services are offered free of charge to immigrants, potential immigrants and employers in Nova Scotia.

Francophone Immigrants

Our Francophone economic immigration project promotes the integration of French-speaking newcomers into the labour market through support services such as:

  • Employment counselling and orientation;
  • Information on the labour market;
  • Individual coaching to overcome the challenges in working in your field;
  • Networking opportunities with other professionals;
  • Employment readiness workshops on employment topics such as cultural competency in the workplace or job search strategies;
  • Connecting with employers.



We inform employers and HR team about the benefits of hiring French-speaking and bilingual immigrants to fill their human resource gaps and stimulate innovation within the company.

We assist employers in the process through the following services:

  • Raising awareness about the benefits of a diverse workforce;
  • Targeting and recruiting French-speaking and/or bilingual candidates, notably through national fair (‘SVE’ or virtual job fair) or within a pool of candidates outside of Canada (Destination Canada, Destination Acadie);
  • Counselling sessions on selection and hiring process of international talents;
  • Workshop on intercultural competencies in the workplace to help you identify and resolve retention barriers, enhance your leadership and coaching skills;
  • Connecting you to potential employees;
  • Broadcast of job offers for you.


Immigrant Entrepreneurs
If you are a Francophone immigrant in Nova Scotia and would like to start a business, consult our Services for Immigrant Entrepreneurs.
developpement economique communautaire

The CDÉNÉ's Community Economic Development Services provides the Acadian and Francophone community with the tools necessary for economic diversification, innovation, growth and job creation. These services help to overcome the challenges associated with an Acadian economy traditionally based on fishing and tourism. The Community Economic Development Services aim to increase the capacity of communities to diversify, innovate and respond to changes in the economy and the needs of their members.

Community economic development services are offered in the five major Acadian and Francophone regions of Nova Scotia: Argyle, Clare, Chéticamp, Halifax and Isle Madame.

Priority Sectors
The Community Economic Development Services bring together economic resources and strategic partners in the following priority sectors: Francophone economy in Canada, Green Economy, Immigration, Tourism, Early Childhood and Youth integration in economic development. If you’re interested in any of these sectors, contact our team today.

Services Offered
The CDÉNÉ's Community Economic Development Services officers help to:

  • Create connections among various community stakeholders to facilitate access to funding for economic and job creation initiatives;
  • Facilitate meetings to identify solutions to the economic challenges faced by communities and entrepreneurs;
  • Assist in the implementation of training workshops to impart knowledge in governance, project management, among others;
  • Coordinate prioritized projects to ensure their success;
  • Promote entrepreneurship and the cooperative spirit among youth to reduce the exodus of young people and encourage their return to the region.

Acadian and Francophone Regions of Nova Scotia
The CDÉNÉ regularly publishes community profiles of the five largest Acadian and Francophone regions in Nova Scotia. These profiles give an overview of the economy, geographical location, immigration, education, natural resources, government services and various other sectors of activity in these regions. To learn more about Nova Scotia’s Acadian and Francophone regions, consult the community profiles.

The CDENÉ also publishes reports on community consultations such as community economic development plans and workforce needs reports, as well as various studies based on community needs. Check out our publications.
services a l emploi

CDÉNÉ’s Nova Scotia Works Employment Services Centres are funded through the Department of Labour and Advanced Education. We help job seekers to obtain and maintain employment and help employers in regard to the recruitment and retention of employees.

Nova Scotia Works 2lines RGB 1
Our Career Practitioners help job seekers with:
  • Job Search
    (networking, labour market information, résumé and cover letter writing, interview preparation)
  • Career Planning
    (explore career options, perform career assessments to determine interests and values)
  • Skills Development
    (explore re-training options and possible funding for re-training)

Our Employer Engagement Specialist helps employers with:

  • Recruitment and Retention of employees
    (connect with qualified workers, recruit, retain and develop their workforce, access training resources, HR tools, labour market information and government programs)


Our offices are welcoming, accessible and inclusive to all clients.

Our services are confidentially offered in both official languages, free of charge.

We serve the Municipality of Clare and the Municipality of the District of Argyle.

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entrepreneuriat jeunesse

The CDÉNÉ undertakes various projects and initiatives to support youth entrepreneurship. We work closely with Université Sainte-Anne and the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP) to share the values of the entrepreneurial culture with young people.

Collaborative Agreement with the CSAP
The CDÉNÉ signed a collaborative agreement with the CSAP focussed on a common goal of increasing youth entrepreneurial spirit and entrepreneurship in general. This has led to the organization of a variety of entrepreneurial activities and experiences for students:

  • Integrating entrepreneurial strategies into the CSAP curriculum;
  • Networking activities where students meet and develop a deeper understanding of local entrepreneurs;
  • Business Pitch competitions, where Université Sainte-Anne and CSAP students have an opportunity to present their entrepreneurial ideas to a jury from the business world, to get advice and to potentially obtain funding for their initiatives;
  • Mentoring young people to support the development of the entrepreneurial thought process or mindset;
  • Entrepreneurship boot camps for students;
  • Workshops for youth on current topics related to entrepreneurship.

entrepreneur immigrant

If you are a Francophone immigrant to Nova Scotia and you’d like to start a business or take over an existing one, our services for immigrant entrepreneurs offer all the support you will need to go into business. Take advantage of our business advisor’s expertise and personalized approach to make your business ideas a reality. Your entrepreneurial project will join a growing number of businesses propelled to the next level by the CDÉNÉ.

These services are offered without charge to immigrants (permanent residents and Canadian citizens born abroad) in Nova Scotia who speak French.

Services Offered
As an immigrant entrepreneur, you can take advantage of these services:

  • Individual business counseling sessions
  • Preparing business plans
  • Preparing marketing plans
  • Access to training workshops to support you on the road to entrepreneurship (marketing, create and manage a website, Canadian import-export, managing operations, taxes and human resources, growth of operations, etc.)
  • Steering toward funding sources


Networking Activities
The CDÉNÉ organizes networking activities for immigrant entrepreneurs, where you can discuss with Francophone entrepreneurs and stakeholders in the region in a friendly atmosphere. Contact us to learn more about future networking activities.

The CDÉNÉ's Business and Entrepreneurship Services team provides business consulting services, training and advice to entrepreneurs, businesses and social enterprises. Take advantage of our team’s expertise to reach your business goals.

Services Offered
Our business advisors can:

  • Draft feasibility studies, business plans, marketing plans, strategic plans, funding requests and financial projections to reach your goals.
  • Advise you on how to start, grow or improve your business.
  • Mentor you as a new entrepreneur.
  • Lead professional development sessions for new or existing entrepreneurs, businesses and social enterprises.
  • Help you access documentation and resources on the sources of funding available to your business or business idea and on various subjects related to entrepreneurship (statistics, demographic data, etc.)
  • Put you in contact with people and agencies that provide additional services such as the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), Regional Enterprise Networks (REN), Business Canada – Nova Scotia Centres and Community Business Development Corporations (CBDC).

If you have an idea for a business or questions about managing your business, make an appointment with one of our business advisors. Most of our services are free!


Networking Activities

Business and Entrepreneurship Services’ networking activities will help you expand your network, establish new contacts and share ideas with entrepreneurs and stakeholders in the region. Contact us to find out more.

Youth Entrepreneurship
The CDÉNÉ undertakes various projects and initiatives to support youth entrepreneurship in the Acadian and Francophone regions.

The CDÉNÉ works closely with Université Sainte-Anne and the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial (CSAP) to carry out activities and projects that foster the development of an entrepreneurial culture among youth, including mentoring to support their entrepreneurial journey, networking activities with local entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial projects. Contact us to find out more about our learning sessions or entrepreneurial camps.
affaires et entrepreneuriat

The CDÉNÉ provides services to existing and potential businesses and entrepreneurs to support them in the development and success of their business or entrepreneurial initiatives. Whether you want to start up a new business, launch a new product or access and explore a new market, we can help you bring your ideas to life.

Entrepreneurs and businesses

Immigrant Entrepreneurs