cdene vente camp grand portage

The Conseil de développement économique de la Nouvelle-Écosse (CDÉNÉ), in partnership with ÉcolesPlus, organized a mini-camp for entrepreneurship for Grade 6 students at the Grand Portage School in Sackville. The sale took place on June 9th.
Yolande Comeau's class had the opportunity to learn what entrepreneurship is, from the product's reflection to its sale, through its design. In particular, young students have: completed a business plan, bought the necessary equipment, set a sale price, found an original business name and promoted their products using posters.

"It went well, they each found a different company, it was very beautiful to see the ideas developed. They worked very hard and saw the great work they did and it was a success. I would like to continue this project every year, if possible. "Said Yolande Comeau.

The theme of this mini camp was Christmas. A surprising theme for the period which is explained by the delay taken due to strike of the zeal. During the sale, some students took the opportunity to disguise themselves and revive the spirit of Christmas. The parents and friends were invited to the sale which was a real success, several students having sold all their merchandise.

Watch the video of the sale here.