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Halifax, June 29, 2020 –
The Conseil de développement économique de la Nouvelle-Écosse (CDÉNÉ) congratulates the new members of the Organizing Committee of the Congrès mondial acadien 2024 (COCMA 2024), appointed on June 22, 2020: Denise Babin, Adrien Comeau, Roger d’Entremont, Brandon Doucette, Brenda LaGrandeur, Angelique LeBlanc, and Yalla Sangaré, who join Allister Surette (Chair), Chris Frotten (Vice-Chair, Argyle), Natalie Robichaud (ViceChair, Clare), Nadine Comeau (Treasurer) and Lynette Muise (Secretary).

The host region "CLARGYLE" includes the municipalities of Clare and Argyle. Historically, the CDÉNÉ has always worked hand in hand with Clare and Argyle and hopes to continue this partnership leading up and during the CMA 2024. CDÉNÉ’s new Strategic Plan adopted by its Board of Directors this past February, identifies the CMA 2024 and its economic component as one of the strategic priorities of the organization. As such, the staff of CDÉNÉ is pleased to work alongside Clare, Argyle and this new COCMA towards the success of this major event.

The article in English announcing the composition of the Board of Directors is available here:

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Julie Oliver, Executive Director of the CDÉNÉ, with Ronnie LeBlanc, Warden of the Municipality of Clare, and Danny Muise, Warden of the Municipality of Argyle at a previous event