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Economic immigration services from the CDÉNÉ facilitate the integration of Francophone immigrants into the labour market and give employers support to recruit, hire and integrate international workers one of whose languages is French. Services are provided at no charge to Francophone immigrants and potential immigrants and to employers in Nova Scotia.

Francophone Immigrants
Whether you are starting the process of immigrating to Nova Scotia or you have already settled in the province, our officers can help you to integrate the job market.

Our economic immigration officers can give you personalized information on:
  • Current and emerging economic sectors in the province
  • Present and forecast needs for workers in your field
  • Access to regulated professions and trades
  • Opportunities for entrepreneurship if you want to start a business or take over an existing one

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Discover the advantages of hiring Francophone and bilingual immigrants to fill your human resources needs and to stimulate innovation in your business. By integrating qualified immigrant workers, businesses can fill positions for which they have difficulty recruiting Canadian workers.

Our economic immigration officers can help you to:

  • Post job offers;
  • Write job offers;
  • Plan recruitment initiatives for long-term human resource needs;
  • Take advantage of recruitment opportunities abroad, such as Destination Canada;
  • Give employers chances to meet immigrants;
  • Tell employer about the immigration process;
  • Provide support for employers to hire an international worker;
  • Help with integrating an immigrant into a business;
  • Present awareness sessions on the contribution of immigrant workers;
  • Other services as needed by employers.

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Immigrant Entrepreneurs
If you are a Francophone immigrant to Nova Scotia and would like to start a business, consult our Services for Immigrant Entrepreneurs.