Here are a few examples of businesses, organizations and individuals who have benefitted from services provided by the CDÉNÉ. Learn more about the successes of immigrant entrepreneurs, Acadian businesses, and community organizations.

Immigrant Entrepreneurs

“Mr. Gerardo from the CDÉNÉ was essential in helping me to start up my business. He is very knowledgeable about the business world, not just with respect to management, but also how a new entrepreneur can manage stress and doubt. Using his knowledge about planning and marketing, I was able to start up my business very rapidly, and four months later I’m starting to negotiate my first contracts for my French-language training firm. His knowledge of e-commerce also allowed me to improve ads for my business on the Internet. Without his expertise and enthusiasm I would never have reached my goals. I strongly recommend Mr. Gerardo Vallejo to anyone who wants to start a business.”

Ms. Sophie Hubert
The French Doctor

“I’m pleased because the CDÉNÉ helped me with my business plan, gave me advice and motivated me psychologically to find the best way for me to make money and develop professionally. Mr. Gerardo Vallejo is an excellent business advisor and he understands new entrepreneurs because he is an entrepreneur himself. Thank you very much.”

Charline Thornton
Neurosprint Agency

Businesses propelled to the next level:
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Acadian Businesses

“The CDÉNÉ helped me to create financial forecasts for my small business. With this help, I was able to obtain funding to grow my business and become more efficient. Alain Belliveau is always available to help me with anything related to my business.”

Eddie McCauley
C&K Seafoods

“I have had an opportunity to have Jeannot Chiasson prepare financial forecasts and to get help with a business plan for my business twice in the past three years. His work has helped us get funding for the robot welding machines that we wanted to buy with the help of NSBI. The second report helped me to buy 50% of the business. With Jeannot’s help, I’m buying the other 50% of AFL Tank Manufacturing. I don’t hesitate to recommend Jeannot’s services to friends and business contacts.”

John Boudreau
AFL Tank Manufacturing

Community Organizations

“With help from the Community Economic Development Officer from the CDÉNÉ, the Wedgeport Sport Tuna Fishing Museum and the Wedgeport Tuna Tournament and Festival have had great success in funding upgrades to the kitchen and building. We hope to continue our relationship with the CDÉNÉ.”

Raymond Doucette
Wedgeport Tuna Tournament and Festival

“Efforts by officers from the Conseil de développement économique de la Nouvelle-Écosse to provide our communities with community profiles, community plans, mechanisms for collaboration and help in carrying out major projects identified by citizens and collaboration groups have given the organization relevant, credible expertise sought out by the leaders of the Acadian and Francophone community in our region.”

Janine Lacroix
Executive Director of Centre LA PICASSE

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