Tourist circuit: Discover the French Acadian culture of Nova Scotia!

The CDÉNÉ has prepared a 14-day tourist circuit, for anyone to discover the amazing Acadian culture across our beautiful province.
This circuit was designed to facilitate the organization of any traveller's trip to Nova Scotia, and to offer you the best experience if you want to improve your knowledge of the culture and the patrimony of our vibrant Acadian French culture.
(please note: the distances and trip durations given in these pages are an approximate estimate based on normal driving speed)

This tourist circuit is divided as follows:

Days 1 & 2 = Argyle Region
Days 3 & 4 = Clare Region
Day 5 = Grand-Pré Region
Days 6 to 8 = Isle-Madame Region
Days 9 to 11 = Chéticamp Region
Day 12 = Pomquet Region
Days 13 & 14 = Halifax Region