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Days 1&2

  • Starting point: Yarmouth, NS
  • First stop: The region of Par-en-Bas
  • Travel distance: 27 km
  • Travel time: 15 minutes (From Yarmouth you can take Highway 3 or Highway 103 which will take you to Tusket)

Par-en-Bas, part of the Municipality of Argyle, is in Yarmouth County, southwestern Nova Scotia. The French presence in this region is strong with a population of approximately 3,600 Acadians. This area is 1,519 square kilometers and the population is mostly located along the coast, especially in the villages of East and West Pubnico, Argyle, Sainte-Anne du Ruisseau, Surette Island and surrounding areas, Tusket, Quinan, Plymouth, Wedgeport, and Butte des Comeau.

Historically, the region of Par-en-Bas is unique. The Acadians occupied it already before the Great Upheaval (the deportation of 1755-1763) and as of 1767, several families (Amirault, Belliveau, d'Entremont, d’Eon, Mius etc.) returned to reclaim a part of the territory. The people of this region are very attached to their cultural heritage. Even today, they converse with each other using several words from their ancestral language.

Expressions such as "our eusses" - our eyebrows, or the terms used to count some tens: "septante" for seventy (70), "huitante" pronounced huiptante for eighty (80), "nonante" pronounced ‘nenante’ (90) are examples.

Are you interested in genealogy? A visit to the Acadian Museum and Research Center West Pubnico is required. Who knows, you could have Acadian roots?


Feeling nostalgic for life, or just want to learn more about it? The Acadian Historical Village of Nova Scotia, also located in West Pubnico, is waiting for you.


Take a tour of the oldest court and prison in Canada, here in Tusket.

You are passionate about sport fishing! Meet at the Tuna Sport Fishing Museum and Wedgeport Interpretive Center.

Do you like watching birds? Canada's largest colony of Roseate Terns (dew) is found on the Green Islands near the Lower West Pubnico Village.

If you want to discover the music, dance and culinary delights of Par-en-Bas, participate in various festivals that take place in different villages in the Argyle region.

Culinary specialties of the region:
The seafood chowder, molasses cookies, or the creamed lobster.

A booklet of 50 things to do offers our visitors an inventory of what to see and do. All the attractions of the region In addition to various authentic experiences for your pleasure are available in the region of Argyle, please consult the website of the Municipality for more information.

Musique de la Baie; During the months of July, August and September, the musicians of the region perform in the various restaurants participating in the program. Visitors are invited to participate! Please consult


A good way to locate and visit most of the tourist attractions in Par-en-Bas and Saint Mary’s Bay is to complete the Acadian Shores Interpretive Tour. This self-guided tour will take you to discover twenty-five important cultural sites across these two regions.

Come sail in our waters
The Argyle District Municipality welcomes you to experience our coastal waters. The many peninsulas, entrances and rivers as well as the 230 islands are a pleasure to explore. The picturesque lighthouses and shanty’s on the Tusket Islands, as well as the impressive fleet of 50-foot lobster boats moored in the commercial fishing docks show how important the fishery is and is still in this area. Fill your lungs with clean sea air; Come visit our calm waters and leave your busy life at home.

Tusket Island Tours
Set off on Captain LeBlanc's modern fishing boat where you can embark on a historic adventure through islands filled with rich culture and history. You'll learn how to haul a real lobster trap and see the process a real lobster fisherman would go from day to day. You will stop on Big Tusket Island. You will visit LeBlanc's private fishing shanty where you will be served fresh local seafood chowder prepared from a traditional recipe. After being filled with delicious seafood, you can enjoy live entertainment over an hour of sailing to the Wedgeport dock.

Acadian Skies and Mi'kmaq Land
With a vast and pristine wilderness at its heart, Acadian Skies and Mi'kmaq lands in Nova Scotia cover all of the Argyle, Clare and Yarmouth municipalities in southwestern Nova Scotia. This region is the first UNESCO-Starlight certified tourist destination in North America and is an integral part of the Yarmouth & Acadian Shores tourism region.

Join us to celebrate a unique window to the universe in Canada and the United States. The clear, dark skies of the Bon Temps region of southwestern Nova Scotia, Canada, provide blazing views of the night sky and the Milky Way!

Deep Sky Eye Observatory
Tim Doucette is an amateur astronomer with a passion for sharing and photography of the night sky and yes, he is legally blind. Have you seen the Milky Way? The rings of Saturn? The spiral arms of distant galaxies? Come discover the night sky in the way it should be seen. Located 20 minutes from Tusket, the first certified starlight tourism destination in North America. Its mission is to take you to an experience toward the galaxies and to inspire you to look at the stars and give you a better understanding of the universe in which we live.