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Day 12

  • Departure from Chéticamp and travel to the region of Pomquet
  • Travel distance: 195 km
  • Travel time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

One night in the community of Pomquet

There is no rush today. Take the time to have lunch peacefully and prepare for your departure without hurrying. Leaving Chéticamp late in the morning will leave you plenty of time to reach Pomquet to enjoy an afternoon at the beach, or to hike along the coast.

Leaving Chéticamp, go down Cabot Trail and take Highway 105 towards Port Hawkesbury. Cross the town and after a short distance you have already reached the Canso Causeway. Leave Cape Breton Island via the Trans-Canada Highway. Continue on towards Antigonish. After traveling approximately 35 minutes, you will see the signs for Pomquet.

Pomquet, dunes and sandy beaches

Pomquet is the smallest of the Acadian regions of Nova Scotia. Founded in 1774 by the establishment of five families (Doiron, Duon, Broussard, Vincent, Lamarre) from Saint-Malo in France, the region borders part of the banks of St. Georges Bay.

This peaceful region contains sandy beaches with sand dunes of significant ecological importance. The beach of Pomquet stretches for nearly 2 kilometers and a half, and a system of thirteen dunes found along 4 kilometers, occupies its background. A provincial park provides basic services to accommodate swimming and picnics. This beach is also an important Maritime nesting site for the Piping Plover, a small shorebird with endangered status.

The region has Bed and Breakfast and cottage accommodations. There is no conventional restaurant within the limits of Pomquet. In season, a dining experience is available on Fridays at the tourist site Chez Deslauriers. The town of Antigonish, fifteen minutes from Pomquet, offers a variety of restaurants and accommodations.

The Chicken Fricot is one of the traditional dishes in the area. It is a chicken soup with potato cubes seasoned with salted herbs and covered with small dumplings.

Chez Deslauriers is also an interpretive center that presents the Acadian history of the region. There is also a small platform for outdoor concerts with local musicians. Inquire for the schedule of the events. This site also marks the departure of the Acadian Trail of Pomquet; a 4-kilometer hike to discover the coast and surrounding lands of Monks Head Provincial Reserve.

The people of Pomquet are proud of their home.
After washing their floor, they will " forbir la place" - wax the floor
This work will surely be missed by "Lacer" - to tire them.

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